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The founders created the Nouméa Double Deckers company in 2015 with the aim of bringing a big plus to tourism in New Caledonia. Many products and services already existed but no double-decker buses were on the tourist market.

The name was obvious since we are the first company to import and certify a double-decker bus in New Caledonia. Thanks to our first bus, we changed the local homologation regulations and we are proud of it because the fight was long and difficult.


Our fleet currently includes 2 double-decker buses and 2 30-seater buses. The particularity of our buses is that they are all convertibles.

We are the only ones to have such a fleet and we have carried out these projects with the aim of considerably reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions with a total absence of air conditioning for some buses and partial for others.

Our 4 buses are different from each other by their designs but we wanted to keep this red color which defines us and differentiates us from our competitors.

Our target clientele was cruise passengers at the start of the project, but it has evolved since we are now contacted by groups, associations, institutions and schools for different types of transport.

We have also created events to give local customers the opportunity to access these gems from Caledonian roads and we are proud of the success we achieve each year and the happiness we bring to the local population.

Our company is also proud of our Dream Team, our team of vendors, guides, animators and drivers. They are like the founders, concerned about the image we give, the quality of the services we offer and above all the satisfaction of our customers with a score of 91% on a survey carried out in 2019.

We have an extraordinary and magnificent project, but without our team and our customers, we are nothing, it is a fact, you are by far our priority.






An amazing tour of the freshwater blue holes of the Dumbea River! We were lucky enough to enjoy a fabulous day trip down the Dumbea River to the beautiful blue holes. It's a wonderful walk where you really feel in touch with nature - about 1.5 hours from the swimming spots and back, although we had plenty of stops along the way to enjoy the scenery.
We had an amazing day doing the colors for the grand southern tour! We were driven all around the south of the island in the mountains on windy roads. It was so beautiful! Our guide was very accommodating. He stopped to take photos whenever we asked and offered to take our group photos. He knew we loved seeing beautiful nature spots so he added a waterfall stop especially for us!
Jim Dean
The lunch stop was in a beautiful secluded area on the beach. The food was so delicious! We really enjoyed our day and highly recommend this company!! They give quick responses via email and are so helpful!!